Monday, July 7, 2008

Trying to Survive "a Challenge Unparalled"

Philanthropists from the United Way and other South Texas organizations are calling the dual crises of the recession and rising food prices "the worst they've seen," according to the Brownsville Herald.

"These days, people are coming in because they have to make the choice between buying food and putting gas in their cars," said Carlos Gomez, Director of the Good Neighbor Settlement House.

Increasing demand and decreasing donations are forcing local agencies to come up with more recovered and unsaleable food, limiting their ability to provide nutritious offerings.

"Right now, the middle class is being beaten to death," said Traci Wickett, CEO of the United Way of Southern Cameron County. "What's scary to me is that at this point the problem is at so many levels. It's a paradox: at the time when we need the most help, support is the scarcest."

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