Monday, November 10, 2008

Dallas Hungry, Charities Brace for Hard Winter

Charities in Dallas are seeing fewer holiday donations just as demand for their services is peaking, according to the Dallas Morning News

"It's kind of an eerie situation: We see increased demand for services, but we've seen it all year," said Larry James,  president of Central Dallas Ministries.

Food pantries across the city report being "swamped" by new clients faced with home foreclosures and lost jobs. The North Texas Food Bank, which supplies most of these agencies, estimates that it has experienced at least a 25% increase in demand for food over the last six months. 

One client, Luby's cafeteria worker Kathy Wilson, says her paychecks just aren't keeping pace with the cost of living. "Everything's going up," she said. "It's really hard out there."

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