Thursday, April 2, 2009

Recession Reduces Healthy Eating

New research finds that families faced with high prices and rising unemployment are cutting back on the quality of their meals. 

A February survey conducted by Multi-Sponsor Surveys found that 40% of Americans are eating less nutritious food. The effect was most pronounced among families hit hardest by the recession: those who self-identified as "down and out" or "on the edge." 

Confirming this study, a national industry group reported a 3.6% drop in sales of fruits and vegetables in the final months of 2008. 

Texas families are also stretching their paychecks to eat. Many low-income families are making the difficult decision to sacrifice quality before quantity - essentially mortgaging long-term health against the immediate need to eat. Help bring more healthy foods to Texas children! Ask your representatives to support SB 944 / HB 1622.

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