Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Ag Commish: Lubbock Needs Our Help

Texas Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples surveyed the demand at Lubbock's South Plains Food Bank Tuesday, which has reported a 15-20% increase in South Plains residents needing food. 

Texas is third in the nation for hunger, "not a distinction we are proud of," Staples admitted.

"When you get to combine agriculture with our food banks across Texas, you know you're doing something special because you're meeting the needs of Texans who can't provide for themselves and you're doing it in a special way," Staples said, referring to state efforts to alleviate hunger.

Lubbock agencies are seeking help to purchase healthy food, which tends to move out of reach for families in tough economic times. 

"Fresh produce is really important for people, it's a high dollar item when you go to the store so it's a thing that a lot of people [...] set aside, because they think they can't afford that," said David Weaver, Executive Director of the Food Bank.

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