Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Rep. Rodriguez Urges Food Stamps for the Hungry

On Saturday, Congressman Ciro Rodriguez (D-Del Rio) urged eligible constituents to apply for food stamps, citing the inability of food banks to keep pace with mounting demand. 

According to Rodriguez, Texas stands to receive a $26 million boost in food stamp benefits should the economic recovery package pass the Senate this week.  

“I feel really good that this is a good investment in our community and it’s a good investment in terms of getting people back to work and it’s also about what I call an investment in ourselves,” Rodriguez told local elected leaders.

Beyond assisting the growing number of Texas hungry, food stamps are largely seen as an excellent stimulus for the Texas economy. A dollar spent on the program provides $1.73 in economic impact, according to economists. 

“If they’re going to give out money, we want it here,” said Del Rio Mayor Efrain Valdez.

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