Monday, February 23, 2009

SB 944 / HB 1622 - Help Feed Texas Children

As the recession deepens and lines for help grow, charities face an impossible choice: reduce the quantity of food given to each family, or cut quality?

This same choice, vexing thousands of Texas families, has led to a paradoxical rise in both child hunger and child obesity statewide. 

Last week, State Senator Judith Zaffirini (D-Laredo) stepped forward to address the problem. SB 944, filed by Zaffirini on Thursday (and filed later in the House as HB 1622), outlines a solution to provide Texas children at risk of both hunger and obesity with access to healthy food. 

The bill supplements existing state efforts to address child obesity through nutrition education and physical activity, providing the crucial "third leg" of access to families who cannot afford healthy options. 

The program will direct free, healthy food to needy families through existing systems (food banks, Kids Cafes, food pantries etc.) in order to avoid prohibitive administration & start-up costs. 100% of the money provided by the bill will be used to purchase nutritious food for children.  

Now more than ever, it is crucial for Texas to focus on the basics. What could be more basic than good food for our children?

Help make this bill a reality! Write your state legislator today and ask them to invest in the health of Texas children through SB 944/HB 1622.

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