Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Every Child Deserves to Eat - and Eat Right

The following op-ed was published in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Brownsville Herald, Valley Morning-Star, Laredo Morning Times, Pflugerville Pflag, and by the U.S./Mexico Border Commission:

Pop quiz: Which of the following statements is true?

A: One in 5 Texas children is medically obese.
B: One in 4 Texas children lives in a household without enough food.
C: All of the above.

You might think I was joking if I told you the answer is "C." Sadly, this is precisely the situation facing Texas today.

Not only are child obesity and child hunger endemic in our state, their rates are rising. And what may seem strangest of all, these problems tend to occur in the same communities — sometimes even in the same households.

The explanation is simpler than you would think. (Read more...)

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