Thursday, January 22, 2009

Farm Bill Helping Texas Tread Water

Food Banks across the nation are facing a surge in demand, and are looking for new ways to fill their shelves. 

The High Plains Food Bank in Amarillo says it is feeding twice the number of families it served last year - nearly 12,000 households in all. The one factor that has kept some food coming to panhandle families has been the implementation of the 2008 Farm Bill. 

"In the Farm Bill, 67 percent of those programs actually go to help places like the food bank," said David Cleavinger, National Wheat Growers President. 

A national piece of legislation, the bill will provide $10 billion over five years to nutrition programs like food banks - but only if implemented properly. Part of the bill allows USDA to buy excess commodities from Texas farmers to give to food banks. 

Area Congressman Frank Lucas told reporters he wants to make sure everyone receives what was promised.

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