Friday, January 23, 2009

Peanut Butter Recall Hurts Food Banks

Earlier this week, the FDA recalled all peanut butter manufactured by the Peanut Corporation of America, where a salmonella outbreak had been traced. 

Food Banks across Texas jumped into action, dumping cases of products containing peanut butter - a cheap source of protein for hungry families. 

The North Texas Food Bank warned its clients about 132 cases of peanut butter crackers that had already left its warehouse. "We have notified all of our agencies to watch out for it and to follow manufacturers instructions on disposal," said the Food Bank's COO, Paul Wunderlich.

Although the food banks' safety procedures likely saved lives, the incident reinforces the unpredictable nature of donated food. Food banks typically sustain their inventories with USDA commodities and purchased foods in addition to these donations to ensure overall quality.  

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