Monday, January 5, 2009

News Roundup: Hunger Rising Statewide

Happy 2009? Not for many Texas families. According to recent coverage:
  • In Tyler, the "new poor" are draining supplies at the East Texas Food Bank. Meet a newly poor family, the Moores.
  • In Dallas, the North Texas Food Bank is facing a $156K shortage needed to offset a 25% increase in demand.
  • In Palestine - where 1 in 5 households make less than $15,000/year - social service providers are seeing a "dramatic increase" in families asking for help.
  • In Houston, overwhelming demand has expanded the number of families relying on food stamps by nearly a third.
  • In Taylor, food stamps caseloads are similarly up by 30%.
A stimulus package being debated by Congress could increase funding for hunger relief programs and stimulate the economy through food retail. “Dollar for dollar food stamps are the single most important investment that can be made,” said Jen Adach of the national group Food Research and Action Center.

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